Aug, 2010


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  High Quality Anthracite Filter Media For Water Filtration     anthracite  which used water filtration Our Anthracite filer media has been made of the ‘Taixi’ anthracite by washing, chosen as well as smash, continuous screening and so on procedures. It does have a nice lustrousness; resist compression, good mechanical strength, and steady chemical activity.  We will offer you high quality anthracite filter media for the water filtration. Anthracite is an excellent filter media for water clarification in drinking or the industrial use, when it is used in combination with […]



Oct, 2009


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Limestone Limestone used in seawater re-mineralization We offer limestone that is used in architecture as it can be cut and carved. It is preferred by most of the people as it lasts long and does well in all climatic conditions. One of the most commonly used operations in the re-mineralization process is to be able to contact CO2 acidified desalinated water with a bed of domestic limestone. Limestone dissolution offers two significant gradients to the water. This is bicarbonate alkalinity, as well as calcium content What is limestone? Limestone is […]



Sep, 2009

Activated Carbon

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Activated Carbon     Activated carbon  which used water filtration Coal Activated Carbon series has been made of the worldwide superior anthracite. We follow strict as well as scientific formulation, and they have features of high hardness, low ash, high void age, a large surface area, and so on. They are widely used in water purification, wastewater disposal, air purification, solvent recycling, medical treatment, and many more.   Activated carbon granules are usually used infiltration. Activated carbon filtration is among the many processes used in water treatment. The activated carbon […]