Flint Pebbles


Oct, 2007

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What are Flint Pebbles?


Flint Pebbles are versatile pebbles that are often used as the attractive drainage medium around the buildings as well as in the inverted roofing to be able to hold downinsulation board. Also, they can be used for mulching. Grinding media is an essential factor in the ceramics as well as ground Sand production, that does influence both theproduct quality as well as manufacturing costs.

The flint pebbles are smooth in terms of appearance as well as naturally rounded by the sea.They are versatile, and they are often used as the attractive drainage medium around the buildings as well as inverted roofing to be able to hold down ]insulation board. Also, they can be used for mulching.

Flint pebbles have been used as media in the in-ball mills to be able to grind glazes as well as other raw materials for the ceramics industry. The pebbles are usually hand-selected based on the color; those that do have a tint of red, which does indicate a high level of iron content, are usually discarded. Remaining blue-grey stones usually have a low content of the chromophoric oxides; hence are usually deleterious to the color of the ceramic composition after firing.


Why are Flint pebbles used in ceramics industry grinding media?


There are very many reasons why flint pebbles are used in the ceramics industry in the grinding media. The Flint Pebbles does offer superior performance as the grinding media when compared to the natural pebble as a result of the higher hardness as well as, the higher resistance to abrasion. Another advantage is low pebble consumption.; 4.5 kg of the pebbles usually can be able to grid 1000 kilograms of the white ceramic body. You will be able to have a controlled size as well as shape.


What are different sizes Recommended of flint pebbles to be used in the Ceramic and cement industry as Grinding media?


Various Flit Pebbles are available in the market. To be specific, 8-grain sizes are available in the market (in centimeters):

  • 20 mm-40 mm
  • 30 mm-50 mm
  • 40 mm-60 mm
  • 60 mm-80 mm
  • 80 mm-100 mm
  • 100 mm-120 mm
  • 120 mm-150 mm
  • 150 mm-200 mm



Achieving the new landmark in the domain, Flint pebble is highly demanded as well as accepted in the market. This product does require minimal maintenance, as well as is quite smooth. They are quite popular with the lovers of flint pebble as a result of their sturdiness, the exclusive patterns as well as very many attributes.


Flint Pebbles From Egypt


Product Description


Product Name

Flint Pebbles


40 mm-60 mm 


1250 kg-1500 kg




>= 99.31%









Volume  density


Hardness mohs

more than 7 moh



Actual abrasion rate





Packaging & Shipping Of Flint Pebbles


New big bags with details

Weight 1250kg-1500kg

Packed in 20 feet container

Each container 20 big bags

Weight of each container about 25Tons-27.5tons


#Flint pebbles Size 30/50 Grade A for ceramic.

#Flint pebbles Size 100/120 Grade C for ceramic.

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