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Cairo Mineral Company

We are a Filter Media Supplier as well as an exporter from Egypt. Our company is situated in El Sharqeya Governor-ate Egypt. The aim of writing to you is to be able to see the possibility to cooperate with your company and be able to offer you a product that does meet AWWA and EN 12904.

Some of our products include

This is our product of filter sand as well as filter Gravel that is exported to over 17 countries in various parts of the world. Our silica sand is extracted from the high quality quarries with the SI02 over 96.7% that was the river sand for many years. Raw material gets to be extracted from East Egypt, wady al Natron, Sadat City, Giza.

Many swimming pool filters use the sand to be able to trap the unwanted debris and keep it out of the pool water. The pool sand is an effective filter. We pay attention to the size of the grain, strength as well as refractoriness to ensure we deliver high quality swimming pool filter sand.

The silica sand is processed in our screening plant, and this is after extracting and transporting to our site for screening. In our processing plant, we grade and meet all the required practical sizes, and this is according to FIFA.

The golf course sand does consist of a series of the holes, each consisting of the teeing ground, rough and other hazards, fairway as well as green with the flagstick and also cup, that is all designed for the game of golf. We have quality control for every batch on the site lab by sieving test analysis.

Silica sand, as used by the Foundries, is desired because of its availability and thermal resistance. It does have ISO 9001 certified because of high strength, a superior casting finish in all binder systems as well as metals.

Silica Sand for the horseracing track promotes superior athletic achievement. We understand that specification varies, and we can be able to offer the required sizes with high accuracy, and this is according to the required specification.

Our Anthracite filer media has been made of the ‘Taixi’ anthracite by washing, chosen as well as smash, continuous screening, and so on procedures. It does have a nice lustrousness; resist compression, good mechanical strength, and steady chemical activity.  We will offer you high-quality anthracite filter media for water filtration.

We offer limestone that is used in architecture as it can be cut and carved. It is preferred by most of the people as it lasts long and does well in all climatic conditions.

Silica flour is used as an abrasive additive in soaps, the skincare products, paints and toothpaste and as refiller in various pharmaceuticals. Also, it is used in foundry work as well as in a glass, porcelain, tile as well as clay production.

Coal Activated Carbon series has been made of the worldwide superior anthracite. We follow strict as well as scientific formulation and they have features of high hardness, low ash, high void age, a large surface area, and so on. They are widely used in water purification, wastewater disposal, air purification, solvent recycling, medical treatment and many more.

River sand is the naturally occurring granular material that is composed of the finely divided in the natural quarries as well as mineral particles. Composition of our sand is highly variable depending on local quarries conditions and sources. You can use the sand for backfilling, the river sand for building the blocks, and river sand for the road paving and plastering.

Our Flint pebbles have met international standards. They are used as media in the ball mills to be able to grind glazes as well as other raw materials for ceramics industry. Pebbles are usually hand-selected based on the colour; those having a tint of red, indicating high iron content are usually discarded.

We are a Filter Media Supplier and exporter company that produces high-quality products. This is what has enabled us to be able to export to over 37 nations worldwide. Some of the nations’ we export to includes: Greece – Cyprus – Spain – Italy – Georgia – Croatia – Albania – Japan – Senegal – Philippines – Malta – Turkey – Mauritius – China – India – Indonesia – Ireland – South Korea – Singapore – Mayotte Island,  Syria – United Arab Emirates – Sultanate of Oman – Qatar – Kuwait – Libya- Iraq-Yemen-Algeria-Bahrain-Palestine-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Sudan

Please feel free to visit our company website; Also, our mobile communication is +2 0122 240 64 87.

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We Are Cairo Fresh for Minerals and Quarries Materials a Registered Company With the Ministry Of Trade And Industry Under Chamber Of Commerce No. 103020 with Exporting License No. 63696, We are a member of The Egyptian Federation For Mining And Quarries Materials.