Quartz Supplier in Egypt

Quartz in Egypt

Quartz is one of the main sources of silicon metal that is used in producing metal refractory, ferrosilicon, ferroalloys, silicon carbides, electrical components, optical lenses, gemstones, and many other industries. Let’s explore a diverse range of high-quality Rock crystal products from, Cairo Minerals, a reputable supplier in Egypt.
Central Desert Mining Company has a large reserve of quartz ore with very high purity. Our mine is located on Road Alluqah, Marsa Alam

Quartz in Egypt



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Other information about quartz in Egypt

As a prominent Quartz Supplier in Egypt, we can affirm that abundantly exists in Egypt, primarily present in the Eastern Desert. The rock has a high concentration of silicon dioxide, making it hard and durable. Furthermore, it is available in various colors, including transparent, white, brown, purple, and gray.

Quartz is a versatile mineral that serves multiple purposes in Egypt. It is commonly used in electrical appliances, construction materials, and the glass industry because it functions as an insulator. Moreover, semiconductors, crucial components in the production of electronic devices like smartphones and computers, heavily rely on it.

Quartz is a valued commodity for Egypt’s economy, with a trusted supplier fulfilling demand globally

As one of Quartz Supplier in Egypt, Egypt is among the biggest producers and exporters of Rock crystal worldwide. The mineral reserves in the country consist mostly of industrial-grade and semi-precious types, which command high prices in the international market due to their abundance.

Egypt employs highly mechanized mining processes for quartz, implementing modern equipment and techniques to ensure environmentally friendly production. In conclusion, quartz is a versatile mineral that has numerous physical, spiritual, and economic contributions to Egypt. The country’s vast reserves of the rock make it an essential contributor to the economy and an integral part of its history and culture.

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