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Cairo Fresh – Quartz Silica Sand, Minerals and Quarries Materials Company


Dear Sirs and Madams,


We Are Cairo Fresh for Minerals and Quarries Materials a Registered Company With Ministry Of Trade And Industry Under Chamber Of Commerce No. 103020 with Exporting License No. 63696 ,We are a member of The Egyptian Federation For Mining And Quarries Materials.

Our Company was established in 2004 as an Individual Corporation owned By Mr. Ahmed El shazly after having years of Experience in Raw materials practices. We Have Started Our Business In Exploring And Sorting out all grades Of Quartz Silica Sand, Either it is a Raw Material Or a Graded one. We work on all material sizes According To ASTM Mesh Numbers, Our Main Goal is to establish our country’s name as a country which is very wealthy in Minerals With High Purity As Silica Sand, Quartz Ore, Kaolin, Dolomite, Lime Stone, Calcium carbonate, quick lime, micro silica, hydrated lime Aggregate. Gravel, Coral Pebbles. Decoration Pebbles. Filter Media Quartz Silica sand, Filter Media Silica Gravel ACCORDING TO EN12904 and AWWAB100-96, Golf Course sand according to USGA


We Have Our Own Production Site With Many Screening Plant And we work with Our Own Machineries.


As a company we have invested a lot in machineries and all facilities we need as we always targeting for a long term business. With maintaining the stability in our quality of course, while we produce by our own machinery. We do not tend to buy a finished product and resell it. We produce our own product sharing it with our customers and applying to their needs.


Our Target: is to always keep our Honesty, and to provide the Highest Quality:


To maintain the best quality, the company has its own lab to check everything, in order to make sure it meets the customer specification.


Our Manpower Are the best. They are Skilled and Well- Trained, We are Normally keen on Long Term Business Plans with Our Clients to provide them with the best Quality with Economic Prices.


The Silica Sand Is Available In Tow Main Places In Egypt, It’s Located In Abu Zenima And El Zafarana Area Which are located in north and south Sinai , Each Area has Its Own Physical And Chemical Properties. The Reserve of The Silica Sand goes over 500.000.000 million Tons.

The Silica Sand ha a wide range of uses for Many Purposes according To Its Purity and the amount of its Silicon Content. Some of this uses are In Glass Industry, Crystal Industry, Silicon Metal, Silica Sand For GlassFoundry, Painting, Oil And Gas Stamped Concrete, Water FiltrationPool FilterGolf Course, Water Treatment, Plastering, Ceramics And Glaze Frets.


With referral to our massive Experience in Exporting and Our Strong Relation with Shipping Lines, Over Seas Shipping companies, Domestic Transportation Trucks, We Can Get The Best deals with the lowest prices regarding Shipping costs.




We wish to receive Feedback From Our Sincere Buyers And Our Business Partner To help us to improve and reach our ultimate goal of being the best.

We humbly welcome you To Visit Us in Egypt, Nothing would make us happier.


Thanks for Your time, we appreciate it.

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Best Regards


Ahmed El Shazly