Pool Filter Sand


Nov, 2013

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Swimming Pool Filter Sand

In this article we will talk about swimming pool filter sand this is one from our products you can find other products here and also we mean in generally pool filter sand.

Obtain High Grade Silica Sand from Distinguished Sources

Planet Earth is a storehouse of valuable minerals and elements. Some are readily available on the surface of earth whereas rest is extracted from the womb of earth.

Some special elements are found in selected parts of the earth. High quality Silica sand is very useful element that is imported by various nations. Silica sand is used in construction material but is also used in water filtration. Though silica sand is accessible in various part of world but issue of quality and impurity is also attached with them, so you must choose your silica sand suppliers carefully.

The aspect of physical characteristics and purity should be never neglected while procuring silica sand.

Pool Filter Sand

The size of grain, presence of impurity, strength and refractoriness are the aspects which should be examined thoroughly prior placing any order. Silica sand is a valuable gift of nature.

Reputed registered companies take appropriate permission from government to export this valuable mineral. There is an immense demand of silica sand used in pools filter.

High grade Silica sand is exported in huge quantity to various countries like India, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Kuwait, Turkey, Qatar, Japan, Syria, Georgia, Croatia, Philippines, Iraq, Algeria and Sultanate of Oman.


swimming pool filter sand

There are various reasons for the high demand of silica sand. The chemical formula for this mineral is very hard and it has a high melting point. Thus, it is considered ideal for various industries.

Silica sand is used not only for making glass, ceramics but is also used in water filtration.

Silica sand used in water filtration should be of high standard. Reputed suppliers of silica sand are very particular about quality.

swimming pool filter sand

swimming pool filter sand

In addition to quality, the aspect of chemical nature has to be also taken into account.

Distinguished companies take extra protection while transporting silica sand to distant corners of the world because sometimes some quantity is lost during transportation.

Although silica sand is not characterized as dangerous product but the level of impurity is checked by reputed companies’ prior transportation. It is important to note that silica sand can be stored for prolonged period but should be shielded from contamination.

Noted suppliers of this mineral are eager to earn customer satisfaction and trust.

Silica Sand – A Very Useful Element

Mother Nature has blessed us with many resources which are useful for our survival. Most of these elements are abundantly available but still it is advised to procure them from reputed sources.

There are several registered and recognized companies that are known exceptionally for producing and exporting high grade swimming pool filter sand.

Are you aware about the use of silica sand and its characteristics? It has a shape of grain and is extensively used in construction material. It is always recommended to procure raw materials and minerals from reputed source. This assures that valuable mineral can be acquired in sufficient quantity without compromising on the aspect of quality.

silica sand used in pool filter sand?

Reputed companies are complete with their paper work and other formalities to ensure smooth export.

It is recommended to check for their license and purchase such material from authentic companies only. If you want detailed information then the platform of internet can be used.

Do you want detailed information about silica sand used in pools filter? High quality Silica sand extracted from East Egypt, wady al Natron, Sadat City and Giza. It is immense demand. Almost one and half dozen countries import this valuable gift of Mother Earth.

The minerals extracted from the womb of planet earth are epitome of purity. They are useful and in great demand around the world.

Silica sand is extensively used in pool filters. However, it is important to note that there are several other uses of industrial silica sand such as ceramics, building products, foundry sand and filtration of water.

Silica sand used in water filtration should be of high quality. Reputed producers and suppliers of silica sand take great care about the aspect of quality as they have to export this natural extract to numerous countries.

Some of the noted countries that import high quality silica sand are Qatar, Kuwait, Cyprus, Oman, Turkey, Malta, India, Syria, Georgia, Iran, Greece, Spain, Philippines, Japan and Libya. Silica sand if obtained through credible source is very safe to use as it is free of organic materials.

Noted producers and suppliers ensure that silica and supplied by them is sans of hazardous material. It is a tough challenge, herculean task to extract minerals from womb of earth and silica sand should be also tested for refractoriness.


Cairo Minerals Offer Pool Filter Sand and Pool Filter Gravel With Different Grades

  • 0.4mm-0.8mm
  • 0.7mm-1.125mm
  • 1mm-2mm
  • 2mm-3mm
  • 3.15mm-5.6mm

Our Pool Filter Sand is extracted from deep and high deposit of Silica Sand

  1. High purity 96.7-99%
  2. Natural sand 100%
  3. Dry sand no wet
  4. High practical size Distribution
  5. Rounded sand
  6. Free of organic and impurities materials
  7. Free of radiation
  8. Free of toxic
  9. Turbidity less than 100
  10. No Dust
  11. No heavy metals

Shipping:Bags of 25 kg Loaded in 20 feet container. Each container 27.5 Tons Each container 1100 bagsCan Be Palletized in 1250Kg each pallet wrapped according to EU

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