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In this article we will discuss swimming pool filter sand, one of our products, you can find others here, also referred to as swimming pool filter sand in general.

Obtain high-grade silica sand from discernable sources

The earth is a storehouse of precious minerals and elements. Some are readily available on the Earth’s surface, while the rest are extracted from the Earth’s womb.

Some special elements are found in some parts of the earth. High-quality silica sand is a very useful element and has been imported by various countries. Silica sand is used in building materials, but also in water filtration. Although silica sands are available all over the world, quality and impurity issues also accompany them, so you must choose your silica sand supplier carefully.

When purchasing silica sand, physical properties and purity aspects should not be overlooked.

Grain size, presence of impurities, strength, and refractoriness are aspects that should be thoroughly checked before placing any order. Silica sand is a precious gift of nature.

Well-known registered companies have obtained proper licenses from the government to export this valuable mineral. The use of silica sand in pool filters is in high demand.

High-quality silica sand is exported to many countries such as India, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Kuwait, Turkey, Qatar, Japan, Syria, Georgia, Croatia, Philippines, Iraq, Algeria, and the Sultanate of Oman.

There are several reasons for the high demand for silica sand. The chemical formula of this mineral is very hard and has a high melting point. Therefore, it is considered ideal for various industries.

Silica sand is not only used in making glass, and ceramics but also in water filtration.

Silica sand for water filtration should be of a high standard. Well-known suppliers of silica sand are very focused on quality.

swimming pool filter sandIn addition to quality, chemical properties must also be considered.

Prominent companies take extra precautions when shipping silica sand to remote corners of the world, as sometimes some quantities are lost in transit.

Although silica sand is not a dangerous product, the content of impurities is checked by the pre-transportation of famous companies. It is important to note that silica sand can be stored for a long time, but contamination should be avoided.

It is worth noting that suppliers of this mineral are eager for the satisfaction and trust of their customers.

Silica sand – is a very useful element

Mother Nature provides us with many resources that are useful for our survival. Most of these elements are available, but buying from reputable sources is still recommended.

There are several registered and recognized companies known for producing and exporting premium swimming pool filter sands.

Do you know the uses and properties of silica sand? It has a granular shape and is widely used in building materials. It is always recommended to source raw materials and minerals from reputed sources. This ensures that sufficient quantities of valuable minerals can be obtained without compromising quality.

Is silica sand used in pool filter sand?

Well-known companies have excellent paperwork and other formalities to ensure a smooth export.

It is recommended to check their license and only buy such material from real companies. If you need details, you can use the Internet platform.

Do you need detailed information about the silica sand used in your pool filter? High-quality silica sand was extracted from Eastern Egypt, Wady al Natron, Sadat City, and Giza. This is a huge demand. Almost six countries have imported this precious gift of the earth.

The minerals extracted from the earth’s womb are the epitome of purity. They are very useful and are in high demand worldwide.

swimming pool filter sand

Silica sand is widely used in pool filters. However, it must be noted that industrial silica sand has several other uses such as ceramics, building products, foundry sand, and water filtration.

Silica sand used for water filtration should be of high quality. Well-known producers and suppliers of silica sand take the quality aspect very seriously, as they have to export this natural extract to many countries.

Some of the well-known countries importing high-quality silica sand are Qatar, Kuwait, Cyprus, Oman, Turkey, Malta, India, Syria, Georgia, Iran, Greece, Spain, the Philippines, Japan, and Libya. If silica sand is obtained from a reliable source, it is very safe to use since it contains no organic matter.

Reputable producers and suppliers ensure that silica and the products supplied by it are harmless. This is a tough challenge, and the arduous task of extracting minerals from mud and silica sand should also be tested for fire resistance.

Cairo Minerals offers different grades of pool filter sand and pool filter sand

  • 0.4mm-0.8mm
  • 0.7mm-1.125mm
  • 1mm-2mm
  • 2mm-3mm
  • 3.15mm-5.6mm

Our swimming pool filter sand is extracted from a deep and high layer of silica sand

  • High purity 96.7-99%
  • natural sand 100%
  • dry sand not wet
  • High practical size distribution
  • Round sand free of organics and impurities
  • Radiation-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Turbidity is less than 100
  • dust free
  • No heavy metals

Transportation: 25 Kilogram bags are packed in 20 feet in a container. 27.5 tons per container 1100 bags per container can be packed into 1250Kg pallets according to EU regulations

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