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As one of the leading Silica Flour Suppliers, we are proud to offer the best quality Silica flour for all your industrial needs. Our fine silica, which is a mineral commonly known as natural quartz sand, is a remarkable mineral that contains a significant concentration of Silicon dioxide (SiO2), complemented by trace amounts of Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), Iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3), nanotubes of titanium dioxide (TiO2), Calcium oxide (CaO), Magnesium oxide (MgO), potassium oxide (K2O), and Sodium oxide (Na2O). With the help of our dedicated Silicious powder Suppliers, we are committed to ensuring that you receive only the highest quality pure Silica Flour. In fact, our product boasts an impressive 99.2 percent SiO2 content, making it immensely valuable for various industrial applications. Trust us as your Silica Flour Suppliers and experience the difference in quality that we can provide.

What are the uses of Crystalline silica powder ?

Fundamentally, the vital role silica plays in advancing human progress spans across history, with particular emphasis placed on the industrial sector. Moreover, silica finds extensive application not only in industrial and foundry work but also as an additive ingredient in various products, such as soaps, skin care products, toothpaste, paints, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

Remarkably, Quartz flour exists in 9 distinct crystalline forms, rendering it highly versatile and offering a wide range of options. As the second most prevalent mineral in the earth’s crust, it holds a significant presence. Additionally, Quartz flour is known to exhibit exceptional resilience against physical and chemical degradation brought on by the weathering process.

Furthermore, quartz flour is ubiquitous in virtually all mining operations. It is typically obtained through the process of quarrying, which is a commonly employed method of extraction. When we, as a leading silica flour manufacturer, produce silica flour, we ensure it undergoes a process that provides clean grains, increases the amount of silica powder, and reduces all kinds of impurities.

On which color does Silica Flour appear?

The appearance of silica flour often varies depending on several factors, resulting in it typically manifesting as grey, white, or yellow powder.

However, it’s important to note that we stand out as the premier supplier of silica flour, offering you the finest quality white and pure silica powder available.

Undoubtedly, silica flour proves to be an exceptional choice for industrial applications, thanks to its myriad advantageous characteristics. Firstly, it boasts a non-toxic nature, ensuring safe handling. Moreover, prioritizing the safety of silica flour handlers is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we provide them with essential protective gear, including uniforms, anti-dust masks, and eyeglasses.

Not only that, but at every stage of the manufacturing process, from sourcing the raw materials to packaging the final product, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality. In addition, our commitment to quality extends beyond just the manufacturing process as we continuously strive to improve and innovate our products. Additionally, we meticulously package our product in high-quality new big bags, carefully weighing each bag between 1250-1500 kg. These bags are then thoughtfully arranged within 20-foot containers, resulting in a total silica flour weight of approximately 25-27.5 tons per container. Furthermore, our dedication to providing quality extends beyond just the production process. To elaborate, we take great pride in our intricate packaging and shipping methods, which are specifically designed to ensure that our products reach you in pristine condition.

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Silica Flour


abrasive in polishes and cleaning products; an additive in soaps, toothpaste, and paints; reinforcing filler in rubber, plastics, paper, wood fillers, 




















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