Silica Sand For Horse Racing Track

What is silica sand for horse racing tracks?

Silica sand is widely recognized for its various applications, including one that may not be as well-known “horse racing tracks”.

This versatile material offers unique properties that make it a popular choice in this field. High-quality silica sand is favored in horse racing tracks because of its exceptional traction and shock absorption capabilities.

When horses are running at high speeds, the sand minimizes the risk of injuries by providing excellent grip and cushioning. Additionally, it boasts efficient drainage properties, ensuring that the track remains dry and safe even during wet conditions. Moreover, durability is another key advantage of high-quality silica sand in horse racing tracks.

It can withstand the rigorous wear and tear associated with this sport, making it a cost-effective option over time.

With minimal maintenance requirements, valuable time is saved while guaranteeing a track that’s always ready for use. High-purity sand used in these tracks plays a crucial role in both safety and performance.

To ensure optimal results, thorough washing, screening, and grading processes are necessary to eliminate impurities like clay or organic matter. These impurities can hinder proper drainage or even lead to potential harm to the horses.

In summary

Silica granules proves indispensable for horse racing tracks due to its exceptional qualities and benefits. Its superior traction, shock absorption capabilities, and efficient drainage contribute to creating reliable and secure surfaces for horses.

By utilizing high-quality silica sand correctly, injuries can be minimized while simultaneously extending the lifespan of the track—ultimately saving both time and money in the long run.

Cairo Minerals Offer Silica sand with High Quality for horse racing tracks featuring:

  • High purity 96.7-99%
  • Natural sand100%
  • Dry sand no wet
  • High practical size Distribution
  • Rounded sand
  • Free of organic and impurities materials
  • Free of radiation
  • Free of toxic
  • Turbidity less than 100
  • No Dust
  • No heavy metals

Available sizes:

  • 0.1mm-0.7mm
  • 0.0mm-0.8mm
  • 0.0 mm-1mm
  • 0.0 mm-2mm
  • 2mm-4mm
  • 3mm-6mm
  • 5mm-10mm


  • bag of 25kg
  • bag of 1500kg
  • can be in pallets or loose in pallets

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