Nov, 2013

Silica Sand for Water Filtration

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Silica Sand for Water Filtration swimming pool filter sand our product of filter sand and Filter Gravel Exported to more than 17 countries in all over the World. We Are Extracting from High Quality Quarries with SIO2 more than 96.7% which was river sand since thousands of years. The raw materials is generally Extracted from East Egypt, wady al Natron, Sadat City, Giza. Silica sand for water filtration We produce and process our products in our own screening plant which biggest in Egypt, that is why we confirm stability of […]



Nov, 2013

Pool Filter Sand

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Swimming Pool Filter Sand In this article we will talk about swimming pool filter sand this is one from our products you can find other products here and also we mean in generally pool filter sand. Obtain High Grade Silica Sand from Distinguished Sources Planet Earth is a storehouse of valuable minerals and elements. Some are readily available on the surface of earth whereas rest is extracted from the womb of earth. Some special elements are found in selected parts of the earth. High quality Silica sand is very useful element […]



Nov, 2013

Silica Sand For Foundries

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Foundry Sand – Silica Sand For Foundries Foundry Sand High Quality and high deposit foundry sand since thousands of years with Huge Reserve in Egypt which available in ZAFARAN AND ABOU ZNIEMA  and yellow silica sand  with quality greater than 98$while   the WITH Quality of 99.10% Sio2 with and Iron content average from 0.018% -0.0.35% with practical size Distribution from 0.075 mm – 0.85 mm,its High Quality with high whiteness and Low Al 2o3 support high casting products which used by Best Car factories. High Frequency Vibrating Screen supports us to […]



Oct, 2013

Silica Sand For Artificial Grass

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Silica Sand for Artificial Grass Cairo Minerals Offer High Graded and processed and sieved silica sand for artificial grass , which is natural grains, Silica sand is processed in our own screening plant after Extracting and transported to our site for screening, in our site we can grade and meet all required practical sizes according to FIFA. The silica sand for artificial grass has become Hot Request in the last 5 years which means high World production of artificial grass, and replaces natural grass. FIFA has Encouraged and Recommended using Artificial […]