Dolomite Supplier in Egypt

Dolomite Supplier in Egypt

Dolomite in Egypt

High Quality Dolomite for glass making

Dolomite stone for glass making 

Dolomite can be found either in :

1-soft dolomite for glassware

2-hard dolomite for float glass

Dolomite can be used in cement making and also

Dolomite is mostly in shape lumps

Dolomite can be used in different industries:

Leather industry




Place of origin Egypt
Brand Name CairoMinerals
Commodity Name Dolomite  for the glass industry
color white
HS code 2518000
size customized
shape mostly lumps and powder
packing bulk in the vessel without bags,new or used big bags of 1250kg-1500kg


1956 C.N.
1 D.N.
0.35 SiO2
0.01 TiO2
0.04 Al2O3
0.20 Fe2O3
0.02 MnO
21.19 MgO
30.88 CaO
< 0.01 Na2O
0.04 K2O
< 0.01 P2O5
< 0.01 Cl
< 0.01 SO3
46.97 L.O.l


Dolomite Steel Grade & Dolomite For Glass

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