Dolomite in Egypt

We are a leading Dolomite Supplier in Egypt and offer High-Quality Dolomite and Dolomite stone for glass making, construction, agriculture, and more.

One can locate dolomite either:-

  1. soft dolomite for glassware
  2. hard dolomite for float glass

One way to decrease the passive voice of this sentence is: “Dolomite finds its application in cement making”.

The majority of dolomite comes in lumps

Dolomite can be used in different industries:

  • Leather industry
  • Rubber 
  • Detergent 
  • Fertilizer
Place of originEgypt
Brand NameCairo minerals
Commodity NameDolomite for the glass industry
HS code2518000
shapemostly lumps and powder
packingbulk in the vessel without bags, new or used big bags of 1250kg-1500kg


< 0.01Na2O
< 0.01P2O5
< 0.01Cl
< 0.01SO3


Dolomite Steel Grade & Dolomite For Glass

In addition, our Dolomite Steel Grade ensures the durability and strength of steel. Also, Dolomite for Glass not only enhances transparency but also improves its resistance to breakage. Ultimately, we guarantee the highest quality product for all your needs as a leading Dolomite supplier in Egypt.

Information about dolomite

Extensive dolomite reserves, known for their purity and superior quality, exist in the Eastern Desert.. The rock’s color varies from white, gray to pink, and it serves multiple purposes such as construction, agriculture, and decoration. Additionally, people use dolomite widely in agriculture as a soil amendment.

it occurs in land environments, forming mountains and hills that are easily accessible to people. As a result, dolomite holds great importance for both the mining and tourism industries in Egypt. It is evident that the country benefits from the versatile nature of dolomite due to its ease of use in various sectors.

Furthermore, the Eastern Desert is home to extensive dolomite reserves, which are renowned for their purity and superior quality. As a result, investors are keen to explore its potential for numerous applications. Additionally, dolomite plays a critical role in road construction and decorative stone works, as well as being a crucial flux material in glass and ceramics production. Besides, it is widely used in agriculture as a soil amendment. Ultimately, our commitment to upholding high standards in dolomite production and supply ensures we can meet all your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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