Aggregate Crushed Stone

Aggregate Crushed Stone



4Quantity1000 Tons
5PackingIn New Big Bags 1250kg-1350kg
6HS code25171000


Aggregate Crushed Stone XRF 

Conc unitCompound


More information about Aggregate Crushed Stone

Aggregate Crushed Stone is a popular choice for a variety of construction projects due to its numerous benefits and applications.

  • First and foremost, people can use this material for a variety of purposes, such as using it as a base material for roads, incorporating it into building drainage systems, or using it as a decorative feature in landscaping projects. In addition, this material promotes sustainability since manufacturers typically make it from natural stone.
  • It’s also easy to obtain locally, which means it has a lesser impact on the environment. It is strong, durable, has good drainage, and resists erosion.
  • It’s customizable and cost-effective, lasting through weather and not requiring repairs.
  • Another key benefit of aggregate crushed stone is its cost-effectiveness. It is readily available and easy to transport, which reduces delivery and labor costs. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance, which helps to keep the overall costs of a project low.
  • This affordability makes it an ideal choice for many construction projects, regardless of the budget.
  • In conclusion, Crushed rock is a highly versatile, durable, and cost-effective construction material that has numerous applications. Its excellent strength, drainage, erosion resistance, and customizability make it a preferred choice for a wide range of construction projects.
  • Additionally, since it is sustainable and affordable, it is an excellent choice for those who are environmentally conscious or working with a tight budget. Overall, the benefits of aggregate crushed stone are clear, and its usage is likely to continue to grow in the construction industry.

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