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Also known as construction sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided natural quarries and mineral particles, If you want to get river sand prices please contact us.

The composition of sand is highly variable, depending on the local quarries’ sources and conditions. (Silicon dioxide or SiO2)


What Is the Shape and Color of River Sand – Construction Sand?River sand, Cairominerals Export River sand, we sell River sand, We Export River sand, River Sand Specification

Construction sand is rounded, bright yellow, and sometimes off-white.


How can we find River Sand?

River Sand – Construction Sand is available either in rivers or in old Ancient Quarries for thousands of years.


Does River Sand – Construction Sand in Loose Grains or in crushed Sand Stones?

Itis available in loose grains.


Processing of River Sand – Construction Sand is normally by Excavators and Wheel Loaders or by Explosion?

Normal machines can easily process river sand without using explosion materials or crushing machines.


We can imagine that a large reserve of river sand – construction sand can be found in Egypt.
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High and Huge Reserve is available in Egypt and can match long-term contracts.


Are there any Organic Materials on River Sand?

River sand is totally free of any Organic Materials or radiation or big blocks or concrete stones.


What Is the Moisture of River Sand?

The moisture of River Sand does not exceed 1%. %-3%.


What is the Practical size of River Sand – Construction Sand?

The practical size of yellow River sand – Construction sand is 100 Below 2mm and below 0.075mm is nothing.


What are the uses of River Sand?

River sand for backfilling, River sand for Building Blocks, River sand for using under tiles, River sand for road paving, River sand for Plastering, River sand for Mortar, River sand for Blinding Concrete, River Sand For reinforced Ready-mix concrete, River and for Filling under Foundations, River sand for fabricating masonry blocks.


River Sand for ready-mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete consists of:

  • 0.8 coarse aggregate
  • 0.4 River sand
  • 600kg cement.


Is there a relation between High-quality River Sand – Construction Sand and Cement Percentage?

Of course, clear and Strong Relations, as good quality of River sand means, Low Cement Consumption, High Concrete Stress, and High Cheering and Pressure Force Resistant


Do we screen River Sand for ready-mix concrete?

We do not screen or separate it; we just sell it in Raw Materials as it’s valid for instant use in batch plants.


River Sand for plastering

We can screen river sand to have highly suitable sand for mortar with plastering to get the final soft-facing coating on wall surfaces in order to save much painting and finishing materials consumption.


River Sand testing on quarry by Easy sampling

Get some sand in your hand and drop it down and check your hand, if Fine sand sticks on your hand, it means much slit and clay!!!!!


What about the license of Exporting River Sand – Construction Sand?

We have a Valid Exporting license for Exporting River Sand – Construction Sand d to all over the World.


Min 25,000 tons of river sand can be exported monthly or weekly.


Do we sell River Sand per Ton or Cubic meter?

Normally local by Cubic Meters but Exporting Normally in Tons


What is the density of one Cubic of River Sand?

One Cubic meter =1500kg-1550Kg


What is the packing of River Sand – Construction Sand?

River sand can be packed in Jumbo bags (Big Bags of 1500kg) or in bulk without bags.


Storage of River Sand

You can Store River sand in Open Yard


Samples Policy of River Sand

We can arrange samples easily.

Send by DHL, FEDEX, and ARAMEX.

Samples are Free.

Courier cost on buyer cost.


How can you inspect your shipment of River Sand – Construction Sand?

SGS – VERITAS Inspection Companies can inspect your shipment.


Is it Ban Exporting River Sand From Egypt?

Export is allowed worldwide.

Large orders can be achieved monthly with more than 25,000 tons.

High rate of loading in the port of loading

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